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East Pass Towers Condos for Sale - Destin

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East Pass Towers Condos for Sale

East Pass Towers are located on Noriega Point which is part of Holiday Isle in Destin.  This upscale gated complex views the Destin Harbor and marina and has access to the Gulf or East Pass.  Amenities include two pools and hot tubs where you can relax and take in the warm Florida sun.  Close to Destin you will find shopping, restaurants and plenty of entertainment including fishing and snorkeling.


Destin East Pass Towers are located on the very tip of Destin’s Holiday Isle and offers stunning views of both the Destin Harbor and East Pass. Take advantage of the nearby marinas and vacation with your boat for a true vacation in the world’s luckiest fishing village. The resort offers two pools and hot tubs as well as beautiful white sand on the banks of Destin’s East Pass.

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Condos for Sale in East Pass Towers

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